Leader assists with Lismore floor recovery.

The scale of impact of the 2022 flooding in northern NSW was extensive, with thousands of people affected. The damage to homes, retail spaces and community facilities was absolutely devastating.

Leader Earthworks deployed a D6 dozer to assist with the immediate clean-up efforts.

The Dozer cleared roads with the assistance of our excavator and tipper. This allowed people trapped by debris and landslides to leave their damaged homes. Our Operators mentioned that it was an absolute privilege to help people in such a vulnerable situation.

Our Plant Operators spoke of helping one particular farmer regain access to his home and shed after 3 meters of mud was left behind by a landslide.

The NSW Reconstruction Authority is the government body dedicated to assisting with the long-term recovery in the Northern Rivers. Their focus is to lead and coordinate the recovery and reconstruction of housing, essential assets and infrastructure in flood impacted areas across the NSW Northern Rivers.

For more information, please visit https://www.nsw.gov.au/departments-and-agencies/nsw-reconstruction-authority/our-work/northern-rivers